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What you receive:

58 pages | Hardback
Instant download 

15 min of video instructions
All the cards included for Stuck in the middle with you and Twisting Transpo.


For more videos and full performances go to @dannyurbanus

Torquent is Danny Urbanus his passion project. It's his take on the Elmsley, Jordan, and Two as four count. Danny will go in-depth and with new insight over all the counts you need to know. You will learn Danny's new handling for these counts, with a visual teaching method to make everything easy to understand. With these counts you will learn Danny's favorite effects to perform. These effects are Mr. Checker would have loved this, Stuck in the middle with you, Twisting Transpo, and Color Twist. You will also learn Dr. Daley's last trick (but not mine).

With the book, you will get an additional video where Danny will show all the counts, for an easier understanding. You will also get all the necessary gimmicks so you can start immediately. The book is limited to 94 copies and there won't be any reprints, so get a copy now!


Mr. Checker would have loved this
Danny's fresh, yet simple take on the classic effect from Dai Vernon: Twisting the Aces. In this effect four cards are shown face-up, one by one the cards turn face-down. Along with a new display that makes this new handling more clear.

Stuck in the middle with you
Danny will give you the perfect ending for a twisting effect. After all the twisting you will do the impossible because in the end all the cards are taped together. 
(All necessary gimmicks for this effect are included with the book).

Twisting Transpo
This is Danny's favorite effect to perform. You display 4 aces and 4 fours. you give the 4 fours to the spectator. You will steal the cards from their hand one by one by showing your cards going face down. After all the cards are face-down you show that you actually have their cards by revealing that you have the fours. The spectator now has the aces.
(All necessary gimmicks for this effect are included with the book).

Color Twist
The cards are shown to be face-up, they are then shown to turn face down, one by one. After all four of the cards have turned face down, they are counted again and the backs of the cards turn a different color, one by one.

Dr. Daley's last trick (but not mine)
This is Danny's take on Dr. Daley's last trick, which makes the handling more streamlined and consistent.

What people say about Torquent:

‚ÄúI was so impressed by Danny‚Äôs thinking, how he was able to take a small packet of cards and create a measured piece of mystery‚ÄĚ
- Jeremy Griffith

‚ÄúI enjoyed reading Torquent.¬†A lovely collection of magic, executed well and taught clearly‚ÄĚ
- Christian Grace

"Stuck in the middle with you, is so clean"
- Danny Goldsmith