The Camel

The Camel

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What you will receive:
Instant download
26 min of video instructions 


• One unit
• No slits in the needle
• Innovative method
• Hand out an impossible souvenir

The Camel is Danny's way for Tommy Wonder his trick
Through the eye of the needle.Taking this trick too the modern audience.

Imagine taking out your business card, where the whole trick is on. Yes everything you need is only on one business card. Nothing extra you need. From there you can perform this miracle. 

With the unique method that is used you can show everything at the beginning and you can show the needle to the spectator because it's a normal needle. You then link the needle in an impossible way on the rubberband with no cover at all. After this you take the rubber band and you give the impossible object as a souvenir to the spectator.

This is one of those effects that you will perform for those special occasions, like to really impress someone. The Camel is a nice way to give out your business card and make people remember you. Danny will explain exactly what you need to perform this miracle in this download.