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Danny returns, armed with rubber bands around his wrist, to introduce you to "Escaliers". In this project, you will learn two tricks that take the stairway plot to whole new levels. Imagine rubber bands linking in the spectator's hands or vanishing in thin air.

So, if you want to take your rubber band magic to the next level, "Escaliers" is the perfect trick. Don't miss out on this opportunity to let a rubber band link in your spectator's hand. Does it sound too good to be true, just watch the trailer and see for yourself!


Stairway to heaven
Take two rubber bands from your wrist and stretch them between your hands so you have four strings. Ask the spectator to pinch the bottom string. Without them letting go, one by one the bottom string travels all the way to the top. Now ask the spectator to rub the middle two strings together and take over both bands. After the rubbing they will let go and the bands will link together in their hands.

In Stairaway you also have two rubber bands between your hands so you see four strings. Again, after the band goes from the bottom to the top, the spectator can keep holding the top string. Now after a blow toward the bottom band, it will vanish into thin air.

What people say about Escaliers:

"From Dan Harlan’s ‘Traveling Cash’, I created ’Stairway’. Now Danny Urbanus has created ‘Escaliers’, which is a welcome addition to the family! Danny has taken this concept to another level that will inspire others to elevate rubber band magic!"
- Marcus Eddie

"Danny is the king of rubber band magic! I have never been interested in rubber band magic, but after seeing Danny doing his original material, I found myself taking a train from Amsterdam to The Hague to learn from the master himself."
- Abby Segal

"Nice work! Two wonderful variations everyone will love."
- Dan Harlan