Dutch Kiss

Dutch Kiss

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Dutch kiss is Dannys rendition of Wayne Houchins French Kiss.

When Danny first encountered French Kiss, he instantly loved the effect and started performing it everywhere he went. Which made him think if it would be possible to perform the effect with just one card. After countless hours of experimentation, Danny finally cracked the code, and eventually the effect evolved so far that it can be performed without playing cards. Dannys version is mainly performed with just one index card, which is perfect since it fits into your wallet and is an easy part of your EDC.

• Only one card
• Intimate in performance
• Easy to make gimmick
• Great to interact with people
• Perform it straight out of your wallet
• Perfect for your EDC

What people say about Dutch Kiss:

The Dutch Kiss better than the French,
But for real though, love it! Clean, direct, and logic.”
- Rico Weeland

Very cool, I like it! Clever and clean.”
- Wayne Houchin