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What you will receive:
Instant download
13 min of video instructions 


This is Boderica, Danny's take on the rising card effect. This is an easy rising card effect you can do anytime, anywhere. With this very easy-to-make gimmick, you can perform this effect even with a borrowed deck of cards.

You will start and end clean and can be done with any deck!
The gimmick is easy to make and the supplies will probably already be at your house.
It is very reliable and is under your complete control.

So make the gimmick and have fun performing Boderica!

What people say about Boderica:

"Smartest rising card method, I've ever seen."
-¬†Luka MalenŇ°ek

"The best rising card effect out there, it definitely sticks out from the rest!"
- Grega Hvastija

"So F****** simple, clever, and clean. Love it!"
- David Maze