Schrödinger's drawing duplication

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Schrödinger's drawing duplication is my presentation for a close-up drawing duplication.

The Routine

Are you the type who needs to know everything, or do you find a certain thrill in the unknown? I personally enjoy being kept in suspense. It stimulates my mind, probing how things work and how I would approach them. Of course, I eventually want to solve the mystery, as endless speculation drives me crazy.

So, let's try something. I have two business cards in my wallet. Can you think of a doodle, any doodle at all? If you have one, sketch it out on this business card. Keep it secret and don't let anyone peek. Finished? Excellent. Hand it to me face down so I can't see it. I'll place it in my wallet and tuck it away. Now, only you know what's on that card, and it's securely stored in my wallet. I'm going to do the same. Let me ponder for a moment... Okay, I've got my doodle. I'll sketch it on my card, and now I want you to keep this in your wallet. But remember, no peeking.

We find ourselves in an intriguing situation. We both have a secretly doodled card, and neither of us knows what the other drew. The only way to find out would be to peek, but that spoils the fun, doesn't it? We are now in the unique situation where their is a possibility that we might have drawn the same thing. We'll never know unless we look, but until you look it always stay possible that it is the same. The moment you look is the moment that this feeling forever will be gone, once you looked, you can’t ever go back. So how curious are you, do you want to know what my drawing is and be confirmed its right or wrong, that is als a possibility or do you keep that business card in your wallet forever and live in that moment where we both drew the same doodle. I have also to make a choice about what I am going to do, but I have made my choice, I am not going to tell you, because I don’t want to influence your choice.

What do you need 

Peek wallet (Viper Wallet)
I use the Viper Wallet for my peek. I really love this wallet because as soon as I put it in my pocket, I can easily get the peek. I highly recommend this wallet because I get a lot of use out of it. It's my day-to-day wallet with some secret weapons that allow me to perform 20 minutes just using the wallet. However, this is my personal preference, and any peek wallet will work well. I believe that the moment you put your wallet in your pocket is the best time to peek, so I suggest using a wallet that allows for that. Ultimately, choose the one that works best for you.

Business Cards
For me, using business cards makes the most sense. However, you can also use two receipts or two bills if you prefer. I will also explain a method for exchanging business cards. You can even use two items that are not the same.

Something to write with
Any pen or pencil will work fine. 

How it works

Why, when the spectator draws something, we put it away and afterwards we get it back, to look if the drawing is a match. This is a question that only is answered by the method. So here is my answer for a close-up version for the drawing duplication. I never performed any drawing duplication before, because of this dilemma, in my mind it didn’t make sense. Until I created this, and now it never leaves my wallet. So let's have a look why it works.

This will not be your show stopping trick to get crazy reactions, actually this has no reaction at all. So why would you perform this. Because it will give you a moment, and I can tell you from my personal experience it's a beautiful moment. From reading the routine you can see how this will play out.

I will not spoil the workings of the wallet because it's not mine to teach, but I will tell you the moment I get my peek. This is the moment right after when I put the card in my wallet, there are two scenarios. The first one is where I put it away in my left inside jacket pocket. I open the jacket with my left hand, and with my right hand I will store the wallet in the jacket. I have to look where my pocket is in my jacket so that is the perfect time to get the peek. For the second one when I don't wear a jacket, I put it in my right back pants pocket. When the wallet is is almost in the pocket before it actually goes in. I get my peek right before I slide the wallet in my back pocket.

This is also a nice way to perform when exchanging business cards. Right before you get the business card ask them to draw a doodle on the card. Store it in your wallet, and at the same time get your card out of your wallet. Now you doodle something on the card, and give it so they can store it in their wallet.

I have a lot of stories where people still have it in their wallet and haven't looked. I really love that moment. That people constantly are in a struggle to look or not to look. I am having a lot of fun with this presentation I hope you will too.


  • The first source in print I could find is for m Al Baker - Undercover (1935)

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